Arrigo Sacchi: I'm Not Surprised Individualistic Milan Lost To Palermo

Arrigo Sacchi (Foto Grazia Neri)
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Arrigo Sacchi (Foto Grazia Neri)
Former Milan coach Arrigo Sacchi has criticised the side after their 2-0 loss to Palermo, claiming Leonardo's men play like individuals rather than a team.

The Rossoneri were comfortably beating at San Siro as their chase for the Scudetto took a blow.

"I was left stunned by Milan, but it was always predictable that a loss would come," Sacchi told Controcampo.

Sacchi claims Milan rely too much on two or three key individuals, leaving them in a straitjacket when the going gets tough.

"Milan depend too much on certain players. Therefore it makes it difficult to get back into games when these players are not playing to their best," he concluded.

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