Manchester United's Patrice Evra Keen To Sour David Beckham's Return To Old Trafford

EPL: Patrice Evra - Stephen Carr, Manchester United - Birmingham (PA)
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EPL: Patrice Evra - Stephen Carr, Manchester United - Birmingham (PA)

Manchester United's Patrice Evra has declared he is hungry to eliminate David Beckham and his newly adopted AC Milan from the Champions League, after a long waited return to Old Trafford.

Beckham re-joined Milan on loan from L.A. Galaxy, and is poised for a showdown with the club that sparked his profitable career.

But that is where the celebrations end for him, according to Evra, who is enjoying the prospect of Beckham returning, but doubly excited at the idea of defeating his men at his former home ground.

The French international told the Press: "I am very happy for David Beckham. He did a lot of great things for United and I want to say to him ‘Welcome Home’."

"I have met him. He is a gentleman. He is a good person and a good professional. This is why Milan wanted him to go back there.

"I like that type of player. He is still one of the best right-footed players in the world. But I hope he plays badly and I intend to make sure he doesn’t do very well."

The 28-year-old added that whilst Beckham will be the draw-card to this match, there will be ten other players on the pitch that are equally important to contain.

He added: "I am more interested in playing against AC Milan than David Beckham.

"What I do know is that our confidence is high. For us, the target every year is to reach the final, and from there to win it," he said.

Omar Dabbagh, UK

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