Milan President Silvio Berlusconi Leaves Hospital

Silvio Berlusconi - Milan (Getty Images)
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Silvio Berlusconi - Milan (Getty Images)
Milan president Silvio Berlusconi has been allowed to leave the San Raffaele hospital and will return to his Arcore mansion, according to Sky TG 24

The Italian PM was whisked away by his security team in armoured vehicles as the press gathered outside the hospital to see him head home.

As expected, security was beefed up around area and no-one was allowed to get close to him as the media were pushed back by a police cordon.

Berlusconi waved to the cameras as the cars slowed down. A plaster a bandage above his nose was clearly visible through the car window.

He has been recovering at the San Raffaele under a heavy police presence following the attack he sustained on Sunday.

A souvenir statue was thrown at him by suspect Michele Tartara during a rally in Milan, leaving Berlusconi with a broken nose and teeth.

Salvatore Landolina,

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