AC Milan Show Solidarity With President Silvio Berlusconi Following Attack

Silvio Berlusconi - Milan (Getty Images)
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Silvio Berlusconi - Milan (Getty Images)
AC Milan have posted a statement on their official website saying they are ‘close’ to President Silvio Berlusconi after the Italian Prime Minister was rushed to hospital on Sunday evening after a man threw a miniature Duomo statue at his face.

“Everyone close, everyone with affection, everyone with President Berlusconi!” reads the note.

“There’s just one voice from Milan and all the Milanisti: solidarity and affection towards President Berlusconi.”

The incident happened at the end of a political rally in Milan. The attacker, identified as 42-year-old Massimo Tartaglia, threw the statuette at Berlusconi’s face from close range while he was shaking hands and chatting with supporters.

Berlusconi suffered a fractured nose and bloodied lip and was kept in hospital overnight.

The doctors have prescribed a 20-day prognosis for the Rossoneri chief.

Vince Masiello,

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